Anosike to Pianetabasket: "It would be like coming back home if I was to play in Italy again"

di Giorgio Bosco
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Foto had the great honour to interview center OD Anosike who played last season in Spain with Real Betis. We want to thank Anosike for his willingness. 


How was your last season in Spain?

My last season in Spain was very interesting. We were a team filled of many talented players but we unable to find our chemistry throughout the season. Anyway I still enjoyed my time there and I’m thankful to the Real Betis club for the opportunity.


Which is in your opinion the experience that has given you the most in terms of personal growth?

I think last year was the first time I was able to fully showcase different parts of my game that I wasn’t able to do on other teams during my career. I’ve always been labeled a rebounder and defender, which are things that I love to do and still do, but last season I was able to show my offensive game much more. I scored most of my baskets in the low post, using different moves and footwork that I had worked hard on to improve. I also displayed my ball handling skills. My coaches were pleasantly surprised with my ability to get the rebounds, handle the ball and make good decisions going coast to coast. I’m happy I was able to show more parts of my game in a league like the ACB.


Which is for you your worst flaw technically speaking? 

I think my worst flaw would be my outside shooting - it’s something that I improved on a lot last year but I still have a long way to go.


Which moments do you remember the most in your italian experience?

I have many great memories from my Italian experience. Some of the best moments would be saving the team in Pesaro in our final game of the season, winning 7 games in a row in Varese and changing our season, and being the top rebounder in the league for 4 seasons in row.


Which are your future's plan? 

My future plans are still unsure at the moment. I’ve had some interesting proposals during the summer market and negotiations are still ongoing. I would be happy to return to Spain or Italy of course, but I’m open to new challenges and new places as well. I think the most important thing would be to find a strong professional club that’s ambitious in winning as many games as possible.

Which is your favourite basketball player? And which is the one that resembled you the most? 

My favorite basketball player at the moment is Lebron James, but my favorite basketball player in history is Kevin Garnett. He’s the reason I wore number 21 for many parts of my career.

Would you like to come back in Italy again one day? 

Italy is a great place that has welcomed me into their country for many years. Of course, it would be like coming back home if I was to play in Italy again, but we will see what happens. Right now I’m focused on working hard in the gym every day, trying to improve my skills. All I can say is any team that chooses to sign me will be getting the best version of OD Anosike that they have ever seen.


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